About Us

The team at Extreme Clean Air has spent more than a decade perfecting the technology behind the Whole-Home Purification System. 

Extreme Clean Air is committed to bringing clean air into homes and businesses. With decades of expertise in air purification, ionization, automated control systems, and IoT (Internet of Things), we are impacting the health, comfort and well-being of people by improving their indoor air quality.

As part of our commitment to find better solutions, we have developed the newest in revolutionary air filtration technology. Extreme Clean Air is a whole-home purification system that attacks indoor air problems at the source. The Extreme Clean Air Purification System is a game-changing solution for those suffering with asthma, allergies or migraines, as well as anyone who simply wants to boost their overall health, wellness, energy and productivity.

Extreme Clean Air’s patented technology was rigorously researched and tested in commercial and residential applications for more than two years before being made available to consumers. This intelligent, responsive air quality management system combines the most sophisticated sensors with the latest air purification technology to clean indoor air of allergens, pathogens, odors, smoke, mold, ozone and harmful chemicals. It’s proven to significantly reduce asthma attacks, decrease the need for asthma and allergy medication and boost total body health.

Extreme Clean Air is redefining the standard for indoor air quality.